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Mason Key Lock Box® & Keys

DS-369 Mason Key Lock Box® Lock Box (Minimum order 10)
DS-369 Keys (Minimum order 12)

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Big enough for today’s keys and remotes!

Minimum order 10 boxes • Minimum order 12 keys

DS-369 Mason Lock Box® (Minimum order 10)
Unlike other lock boxes, the Mason Lock Box ® guarantees that your keys and remotes will fit with ease. Made of durable powder-coated zinc alloy, these lock boxes are of the best quality and value on the market. With a foam backer to protect the vehicle’s glass, the box easily attaches to the window with a stainless steel hook which is securely riveted to the lock box. The cam lock offers over 50,000 combinations ensuring your company has a unique key code. Order the number of boxes as needed for your location. All boxes will be keyed alike.
Size:  3″ W x 5¼” L x 1¾” H
CLICK HERE to order separately (without keys).

DS-369 Keys for the Mason Lock Box (Minimum order 12)
Order your keys at same time as lock boxes! The minimum order is 12.
Or, CLICK HERE TO ORDER KEYS ONLYminimum purchase of 12 keys.


Lock boxes are strictly for the convenience of sales personnel – not to be considered as an anti-theft device.

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