About Us

Dealers Supply Company
Serving Automotive Dealers for 88 Years

There is no way to adequately thank you, our valued customers, for allowing the Dealers Supply Company family the privilege of serving you for 88 years! In 1934, the worst year of the Great Depression, my dad, Walt Myers, decided to step out on his own and dedicate his life to presenting automobile dealers with high-quality products that are useful, effective, and inexpensive. Now here it is 88 years later, and we are still just as dedicated to Dad’s commitment to all our customers. (We are working with 4th generation customers in some of our dealerships!) Dad’s “personal service” code is still how we do business. Your phone calls are answered by a live person who will help you place your orders. Although technology has made the world a very different place, and there are a lot of copy-cat businesses trying to be like us, we know that some of the old ways are still the best ways.

So I’ll just say “Thank you!” and hope you know how grateful we are.

Sally Myers, for the Dealers Supply Company family.