Metallic Panel Flags


Stripe Color 1 (for STRIPED flags only)

Stripe Color 2 (for 2 and 3 STRIPED flags)

Stripe Color 3 (for 3 STRIPED flags only)

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New Metallic Panel Flags!

  • Dyed metallic stripes and field made of 100% nylon
  • Heavy header and brass grommets
  • You pick the color combos
  • 3 stripes, 2 stripes or solid styles
  • Size: 8′ x 3′

Design your own flag by choosing style:  SOLID, 2 STRIPES or 3 STRIPES!  Then, you must select 1 metallic color.

SOLID:  All metallic Gold or Silver.
2 STRIPES:  1 metallic Gold or Silver stripe PLUS 1 standard color stripe from list below.
3 STRIPES:  1 metallic Gold or Silver stripe PLUS 2 standard color stripes from list below.

Metallic:  (pick 1)
Gold, Silver
Standard:  (pick 1 for 2 STRIPES  OR  pick 2 for 3 STRIPES)
Yellow, Spanish Yellow, Orange, Red, Burgundy, Magenta, Lavender, Blue, OG Blue, Turquoise, Mint Green, Green, Grey, Tan, Brown, Black, White

Weight N/A

2 Stripes (select 2 colors below), 3 Stripes (select 3 colors below), Solid-Gold, Solid-Silver