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Horizontal Logo Flags

From: $22.95

SKU: DS-853 • DS-877 Categories: ,

*These flags can only be purchased by Authorized Dealers*

Dealers Supply has the solution to your automotive flag needs! These 100% nylon Horizontal Logo Flags are hemmed on all four sides for extra durability and are reinforced with a heavy bleached cloth heading and two strong brass grommets. Printed on one side only. Fly ends are reinforced with Nablon™ thread. These useful flags are ideal for calling attention to your vehicle brands.


Available in 2 Sizes.

DS-853 – Size:  2½’ x 3½’
1-5 ($22.95 ea.)  6-10 ($22.75 ea.)  11+ ($22.50 ea.)

DS-877 – Size:  3′ x 5′
1-5 ($29.75 ea.)  6-10 ($28.75 ea.)  11+ ($27.75 ea.)

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Style BK – Buick
Style E – Cadillac
Style CV – Chevrolet
Style CVB – Chevrolet (Blue background)
Style CT – Chevy Trucks
Style CTB – Chevy Trucks (Blue background)
Style F – GMC
Style GM – GM Certified Used Vehicles
Style FO – Ford Oval
Style FL – Ford Lincoln
Style FPO – Ford Pre-Owned Vehicles
Style BFT – Built Ford Tough
Style Q – Ford Trucks
Style T – Lincoln
Style CB – Chrysler (black)
Style CW – Chrysler (white)
Style DCB – Dodge (black)
Style DCW – Dodge (white)
Style BCX – Jeep
Style OJ – Only In A Jeep
Style RHB – Ram (black)
Style RHW – Ram (white)
Style QM – Acura
Style GT – Honda
Style HC – Honda Certified Used Cars
Style FU – Hyundai
Style RP – Infiniti
Style HS – Isuzu
Style KI – Kia
Style PL – Lexus
Style IR – Mazda
Style EV – Mitsubishi
Style SC – Scion
Style NM – Subaru
Style RM – Suzuki
Style JQ – Toyota
Style TPO – Toyota Pre-Owned Vehicles
Style TC – Toyota Certified Used Vehicles
Style TT – Toyota Trucks
Style MN – Volvo

Weight N/A

2½' x 3½', 3' x 5'


BCX-Jeep, BFT-Built Ford Tough, BK-Buick, CB-Chrysler, CT-Chevy Trucks, CTB Chevy Trucks (Blue background), CV-Chevrolet, CVB Chevy (Blue background), CW-Chrysler (white), DCB-Dodge (black), DCW-Dodge (white), E-Cadillac, EV- Mitsubishi, F-GMC, FL-Ford Lincoln, FO-Ford Oval, FPO-Ford Pre-Owned Vehicles, FU-Hyundai, GM-GM Certified Used Vehicles, GT-Honda, HC-Honda Certified Used Cars, HS-Isuzu, IR-Mazda, JQ-Toyota, KI – Kia, MN-Volvo, NM-Subaru, OJ-Only in a Jeep, PL-Lexus, Q-Ford Trucks, QM-Acura, RHB-Dodge Ram (black), RHW-Dodge Ram, RM-Suzuki, RP-Infiniti, SC-Scion, T-Lincoln, TC-Toyota Certified Used Vehicles, TPO-Toyota Pre-Owned Vehicles, TT-Toyota Trucks

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