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Additional Flags for Tall Flag & Pole Kits

Mix and match styles. Quantity discounts applied at checkout.

QTY Discount Price
1-2 Flags $49.00 each
3+ Flags $45.50 each

Available in many different eye-catching designs!

Order a variety of Flags for Dealers Supply Flag Pole Kits (DS-842) to display different Sales, Slogans, and Special Events. Great for the front line or highlighting any vehicle, these flags flutter and flap with a slight breeze. Completely portable, a flag can be moved anywhere on your lot in minutes. Also available in Spanish (DS-843SP).

Size: 2 ft. 5½” Wide x 11 ft. 5¾” Tall

• Unique design allows flag to “fly” even when there is no wind.
• Each flag has a sewn sleeve that easily slips over the specially designed flag pole.
• Each single-sided flag is made of durable polyester.

0% Finance
0% Finance (smiley face)
Best Buys Here
Buy Here Pay Here
Car of the Week (Out of stock)
Certified Pre-Owned (red)
Certified Pr-Owned (blue)
Clearance Sale
Cool Deals (Low stock!)
Easy Finance
Gas Saver
Grand Opening
Great MPG
Hot Buys
Manager’s Special
No Credit OK
Open (blue w/checks)
Open (blue/red background)
Open (red/blue background)
Open (red/checkered top and bottom/yellow background)
Red/White/Blue Flag
Sale (blue)
Sale (red letters on blue)
Sale (red)
Sale (yellow on red)
Stop, Save, Now
Trade Ins
Used Cars
We Finance
Welcome (smiley face)
Used Cars (RWB stars on each side)
Used Cars (white letters on red)
Used Cars (white letters on blue)

Checkered (black & red)
Checkered (black & white)
Checkered (black & yellow)
Checkered (blue & white)
Checkered (red & white)

Solid-Dark Blue
Solid-Light Blue

Style XA (Trucks white letters on red)
Style XB (Trucks white letters on blue)
Style XC (Used Trucks white letters on red)
Style XD (Used Trucks white letters on blue)
Style Y (Car of the Week)
Style WBC (We buy cars)
Style O (Honda)
Style OA (Honda Certified Used Cars)
Style P (Toyota)
Style PA (Toyota Certified Used Cars)
Style Q (Nissan)
Style R (Mazda)
Style S (Ford)
Style CC (BMW)
Style CX (Honda w/Honda Wings)
Style DD (Chevrolet)
Style DX (Yamaha Red Flag)
Style EE (Dodge white on red)
Style EEA (Dodge gray on white)
Style EEB (Dodge Ram on black)
Style EX (Yamaha Revs Your Heart)
Style FC (Fiat)
Style FF (Hyundai)
Style GG (Jeep)
Style HH (Kia)
Style LX (Lexus)
Style KK (Mitsubishi)
Style LL (Scion)
Style MM (Subaru)
Style NN (Suzuki)
Style OO (Hybrid)
Style PPA (Volkswagen on black)
Style PPB (Volkswagen on white)
Style QQ (Volvo)
Style RR (Bently-Beige Flag)
Style RRA (Bently-Black Flag)
Style SS (Audi)
Style TT (Mercedes-Benz)
Style UU (Maserati–Blue Flag)
Style UUA (Maserati-Red Flag)
Style VV (Acura)
Style WW (Land Rover)
Style XX (Jaguar)
Style YY ( Infiniti-Blue Flag)
Style YYA (Infiniti-Red Flag)
Style ZZ (Chrysler Wings on White Flag)

Click here for Holiday Swooper Flag Kits.
Click here for Spanish Language Swooper Flag Kits, DS-842SP.

Weight N/A

0% Finance, 0% Finance (w/smiley face), Acura, Audi, Bentley (Black), Bentley (Dark Green), Best Buys Here, Black/Red Check, Black/White Check, Black/Yellow Check, Blue/White Check, BMW, Buy Here/Pay Here, Car of the Week, Certified Pre-Owned (Blue), Certified Pre-Owned (Red), Chevrolet, Chrysler (wings on white), Clearance Sale, Cool Deals, Dodge (gray on black), Dodge (gray on white), Dodge (white on red), Dodge Ram (red, white on black), Dodge Ram (white on black), Easy Finance, Ford, Gas Saver, Grand Opening, Great MPG, Honda, Honda (w/wings), Honda Certified Pre Owned, Hot Buy, Hybrid, Hyundai, Infiniti (Blue), Infiniti (Red), Jaguar, Jeep, Kawasaki, KIA, Land Rover, Lexus, Look, Manager's Special, Maserati (Blue), Maserati (Red), Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, No Credit OK, Open (Blue on Red), Open (blue w/checks), Open (Red on Blue), Open (Red on Yellow /checks), Open-ZD (Red/Yellow Check), Red/White Check, Red/White/Blue Flag, Sale (red on blue), Sale (white on blue), Sale (white on red), Sale (yellow on red), Scion, Sea•Doo, Solid-Yellow, Solid-Orange, Solid-Red, Solid-Light Blue, Solid-Dark Blue, Solid-Green, Solid-Magenta, Solid-Violet, Solid-Black, Solid-White, Stop Save Now, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Toyota (Certified Used Cars), Trade Ins, Trucks (white on blue), Trucks (white on red), Used Cars, Used Cars (white on blue), Used Cars (white on red), Used Cars RWB stars on sides, Used Trucks (white on blue), Used Trucks (white on red), Volkswagen (black on white), Volkswagen (white on black), Volvo, We Buy Cars, We Finance, Welcome, Welcome (smiley face), Yamaha (white on red), Yamaha Revs Your Heart

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