SKU: DS-157B


Lag Bolts & Metal Shields for Park-It™ Parking Curb

Use these Lag Bolts and Metal Shields (set of 4 each) to fasten the Park-It™ Parking Curb to asphalt.

Size:  ½” Diameter x 6″ Length

Installation Instructions:
Step 1:  Use ½” or ⅝” Lag Bolts (6″ long).
Step 2:  Drill ½” diameter pilot holes, (3-4″ in depth) through the product’s installation holes.
Step 3:  Remove the product; re-drill the holes for the diameter and depth required by the metal shields.
Step 4:  Install the metal shields; re-position the product and bolt with Lag Bolts.

Weight 8 lbs
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